Where is Your Beef Really From? Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Oligopoly — Tyson Foods, JBS-USA, Cargill, and National Beef

Every item purchased in the store tells the buyer its country of origin, except beef, pork, and turkey are exempt from this requirement. Sadly, the Brazilians are destroying the rain forest for feeding and grazing for Americans to eat beef.

The constant numbing of Americans is methodically perpetrated on consumers by the beef industry. Thanksgiving holiday sponsors food giveaways so even poorer people will practice turkey’s ridiculous significance. Buyer beware as BBQ holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of JUly, Labor Day), BBQ stoves are cheap, BBQ stoves are common prizes on TV games shows, and the governments of the world are still not telling the origin of Covid-19, even though it was initially reported to have jumped from animal to human.